See how Patriot Bank grew with ABL

We were able to help Patriot Bank with back office servicing and support, participation opportunities, and customer referrals - all without putting stress on the bank's infrastructure.

“Being a member of ABL Alliance allows us to efficiently take advantage of Siena Lending Group’s asset based lending experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure, without having to invest time and resources in building an internal capability. In addition, the alliance has created referral opportunities which helps grow our C&I business.”
— Samuel Davis, EVP & Chief Credit Officer, Patriot Bank N.A.

Client 1: Transportation & Logistics

Patriot Bank had a client that fell behind in paying its payroll taxes, which led to the IRS putting a lien on the company’s assets. As a result, Patriot Bank stopped lending to the company. The company was also providing monthly borrowing base certificates to Patriot Bank.

Siena recommended to Patriot Bank that they establish more frequent monitoring of the collateral and financial reporting, including frequent audits of Accounts Receivable and cash forecasting. The loan was placed on Siena’s state-of-the-art monitoring system, Passport 6.0. Siena also assisted in negotiating a subordination agreement with the IRS so Patriot Bank could continue to finance the company.

Client 2: Transportation & Shipping Company

Siena referred a turnaround consultant to Patriot Bank and set milestones to improve overall credit. Through the work of Siena and Patriot Bank together, there was no loss to the Bank.

Patriot Bank originated a transaction and requested advice on structure and terms.

Siena stepped in and helped structure the transaction in a manner acceptable to Patriot Bank and the customer.

Siena was able to help Patriot Bank structure and close a profitable transaction that they initially were going to decline.

Client 3: Importer of High Quality Consumer Foods

Patriot Bank requested assistance with a structuring alternative for a customer who was having liquidity challenges.

Siena helped Patriot Bank structure a Purchase Order financing facility and bring in a provider.

Siena was able to help Patriot Bank keep the transaction and help the customer obtain an incremental financing facility.

Siena originated three transactions -- a Kitchenware Manufacturer, a Health and Wellness Company, and a Christmas Ornaments Supplier -- and needed a bank to participate with.

Siena sold a piece of each transaction to Patriot Bank and placed each loan on Siena’s state-of-the-art monitoring system, Passport 6.0.

Patriot Bank earned a portion of the interest and fee income for participating in these loans with Siena . Additionally, Patriot Bank was able to acquire Siena's loan participation in a transaction, after the customer became bankable.

Siena offered several referral opportunities to Patriot Bank

Siena referred two EB-5 transactions to Patriot Bank, which came with $10 million in deposits along with the two loans.