Helping Community and Regional Banks Offer Asset- Based Lending

As the effects of the financial crisis fade, growth in today’s current climate still remains a massive challenge for community banks.

Now, banks are realizing that C&I lending provides an opportunity for growth, but the teams and infrastructure required to manage certain C&I loans, specifically Asset-Based Loans, fall outside of their capabilities. This means community banks are usually forced to turn away profitable businesses.

But there is another option: instead of turning these customers away, banks can turn to ABL Alliance. ABL Alliance allows community banks to easily handle Asset-Based Lending, without the hefty expense of building new systems and hiring new employees. 

ABL Alliance provides three primary services:

  1. Referral opportunities
  2. Participation opportunities with loans from Siena Lending Group
  3. Back office support and collateral monitoring for your Bank's ABL loans

Getting started is simple and we're Ready, Willing and ABL to begin working with your bank today